Iron Horse Thru Tubing Mud Motor

Large Operator in West Texas has stated that using Ironside motors has saved them 31% drill out times in 1 mile laterals, 33% in 1.5 mile laterals and 34% time in 2 mile laterals.

Ironside Manufacturing

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Ironside Manufacturing offers a wide variety of slim-hole motors, through-tubing mud motors, oil-lubricated mud motors, power sections and mud motor components to keep your crews on the job and your jobs on schedule

Built Here. Built Right.

Built in our in-house facility, Ironside Manufacturing downhole mud motors incorporate the latest technology and are tested for optimum performance. On the job, they consistently deliver reduced drilling time and increased cost savings. We offer durable, long-lived mud motors for virtually every application. Our drilling motors are built to precise tolerances with the highest quality materials available. Our use of open bearings in our motors provides a cost-effective solution for high impact, high load and high temperature applications.

Built Different. Built Better.

Ironside Manufacturing mud motors:

  • Deliver easy maintenance and quick turnaround since they’re designed with the combined knowledge and experience of engineers, drillers and shop hands
  • Include large mandrels of American steel, with all threads rolled at the root to eliminate stress points, then hardened to a stringent HT formula
  • Incorporate rugged transmissions for reliable performance
  • Require shorter lead times because we make and stock our own bearings, material and motor parts
  • Use the best lubricants in the business
  • Ironside has proven products for open and sealed bearing mud motors plate the steel for longevity of the bearing stacks

Ironside offers a  stator grease washes away easily to prevent the mixing with frack sand that causes plugged bit nozzles and worn-down bearing races.

We use the most popular power sections from the top providers in the industry. We also support custom power sections and parts for our customers to work in varioius configurations.

If you require any data, such as flow rate, or custom designs such as hybrids and shorts, please contact us and speak to our designers and engineers. Please email or call (936)539-9090.